Privacy Policy



G10 Security Ltd takes the processing and protection of your data very seriously. Since its very beginning, we have been registered with the ICO (Information Commissioners Office) and subject to regular audit by the DVLA and have processed and controlled data in line with the Data Protection Act 1998.

G10 Security Ltd (The Data Controller) collects, processes and retains data for the effective application, administration and execution of contractual obligations to our clients, the legitimate interests of which require that we share data with third parties and retain data for a responsible period of time.

G10 Security Ltd enforces parking terms and conditions under contract with landowners and/or their agents and will collect, process, share and retain data to enforce contractual requirements and the legitimate aims of those contracts. Collection of data and contract enforcement includes the use of ANPR camera technologies.

Principally, data is shared with and requested and collected from the DVLA for the purpose of identifying Vehicle Keeper Details and pursuing the enforcement of and the legitimate aims of contractual terms and conditions.

We will only further share data with those companies, agencies or persons that can assist G10 Security Ltd in its legitimate commercial and contractual interests and obligations.

Information that we require is strictly limited and we will not keep your information for any longer than is required.


Where the terms and conditions of parking which under contract we have been asked to enforce have not been complied with and when you use this website or our telephony services, your personal data may be collected, processed, shared or retained in order to enforce a parking contract and for legitimate interests with and from the following;

· Vehicle Keeper Details from the DVLA in order to pursue a parking charge notice.

· Credit Reference Agencies to ensure that we have access to your most recent address details if you have not responded to initial correspondence

· Third Parties for appeals and enforcement.

· Print, Mail or Email Services for the purpose of responding to appeals.

· Payment Processors and Merchant Banks for the payment of Parking Charge Notices.

· Solicitors for the purpose of enforcing a parking contract or responding to a legal query.

· The Police or Security Organisations for the prevention or detection of crime.

· Organisations for statistical analysis.

· Organisations for the audit of our Car Park Management Services.

G10 Security Ltd will not send your data to another country.

G10 Security Ltd will retain your data for no longer than two years unless required for longer to perform and enforce a contract and then solely for that purpose.


Specifically, when you make a payment using our website or automated telephone payment service, you will be transferred to the platforms of our payment processing partners who are authorised processors of data for this intended purpose.

G10 Security Ltd will only process information you supply whilst making payment of your Parking Charge, including your name, postal address and card details via the Payment Processor and will not be permitted access to this information, save for the status of the parking charge, e.g. “paid”, and the parking charge reference. This information is confidential and will only be used for this purpose by the Payment Processor.

Your payment card details are directly processed by the Payment Processor and are not collected or accessible by G10 Security Ltd. The Payment Processor’s online and telephone payment management solutions are independently and rigorously security assessed, and are certified by Visa and MasterCard as a Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) Level 1 payment processor. Further information about this payment card security standard can be found at PCI Standards Security Council website

The Payment Processor facilitates transactions that are carried out when redirected from the G10 Security Ltd Website or via telephone payment systems. The Payment Processor provides a checkout facility only, via its own independent site and systems. Accordingly, the transaction is solely between you and G10 Security Ltd.


The General Data Protection Regulations 2018 have enhanced and further enshrined your data rights and it is important that you are informed of and understand the actions you can take and the requests that you can make in relation to data that we hold about you. Your rights which can be enacted at any time are as follows;

· To be informed of any data we hold about you.

· To request access to data we hold about you.

· To request us to rectify any data we hold about you that you feel is inaccurate.

· To request that we erase any data we hold about you.

· To request that we transfer data that we hold about you to another person or agency.

· To object to our processing of data that we hold about you.

· To restrict our processing of data that we hold about you.


G10 Security Ltd is the Data Controller and we ask that all requests or complaints relating to your data should in the first instance be directed to our Data Protection Officer. They can be contacted in the following ways;

By Post to

Data Protection Officer

G10 Security Ltd 

Enterprise House

Ocean Way


SO14 3XB 

When you make a request or a complaint, we are required to firstly verify your identity and may request documentation that assists in this regard.

If we disagree with your request or complaint, we will provide a written explanation and in any case respond within required timeframes as from time to time are defined by legislation. At all times, you will retain your right to take your request or complaint to the Information Commissioners Office at


When submitting a request for information through this website, we will process and transfer any information supplied to our Trading Databases. For the purpose of marketing and legitimate commercial interests this data will be retained indefinitely unless otherwise requested by you.

We may from time to time contact you with information about our products and services. You will be offered the opportunity to opt out of receiving these communications.

Any information which we collect and store during normal use of the site such as URL, IP addresses and browser type or version is used to monitor and analyse how parts of the site are used. Such use does not result in any personally identifiable data being collected or stored.


When you apply for a job with G10 Security Ltd the details that you have provided will be shared with Managers responsible for recruitment. That data will be reviewed and you will be contacted.

Data will be retained for up to two years for the purpose of consideration for future vacancies. Your personal data rights under the General Data Protection Regulations and listed in this Privacy Policy will remain.


Appropriate security systems and administrative procedures are in place to allow us to protect your data and avoid any data breach.

The transmission of data across the internet and via email is not always fully secure. Any data you provide to us via this website or by email is done so at your own risk as G10 Security Ltd is not in a position to guarantee the security of data transmitted to us in this way.

Systems and procedure are in place to ensure the secure destruction and/or anonymization of data at the appropriate time.